Friday, March 27, 2015

Souvenir Friday- Disneylander December 1956

One of the largest auctions of Disneyland items was held last month by Van Eaton Galleries. The auction was of one collector's collection and featured many items including several Tiki Room birds, Monorail pieces, attraction posters, SOPs, Costumes and a Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton. I am sure most of my readers either heard of the auction or participated. There were some lots that I was interested in and this copy of the Disneylander employee magazine was high on my list of wants. Luckily, I won the auction. I believe this may be the first issue, at any rate it is the earliest dated Disneylander I have seen. The focus of the magazine is the annual employee and family Christmas party.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Only at Disneyland

Could you take a picture of a stagecoach and then a Home of the Future! Two more 1958 photographs from Disneyland. The first picture shows the young guest waiting for her chance to ride the stagecoach. The cast member definitely looks perfect for the role. And Major, she is just starting to fold the guidebook here...and it looks like the 1957 guidebook.

The next image is of the wonderful Monsanto House of the Future. I really like the light fixture that can be seen in the window.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adventureland Entrance

Looking like a schoolgirl carrying her books to school, this guest was photographed at the entrance of Adventureland in 1958. The first view is of the back of the elephant tusk arch looking out towards the central plaza. The large shrunken (I guess that is an oxymoron!) is facing towards the camera and into Adventureland.

The second image shows the shields and skulls used to decorate the entrance and set the mood for the land and the adventures awaiting guests. It looks like the item she is carrying is a 1958 Disneyland guide book.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Red Wagon, Pendleton and Casa De Fritos

Two more black and white images from 1958. First is unfortunately a soft focus image of the Red Wagon Inn. This structure still looks great as the Plaza Inn.

The second image is a sharper focus featuring Casa De Fritos and the Pendleton store. I have always liked this perspective of Frontierland.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Frontierland Forts

Two views of two Frontierland Forts in 1958. First up is the Frontierland stockade entrance. In the background can be seen the A-frame for the Adventureland entrance. It appears there is an interesting banner hung on the Frontierland entrance.

The second image is of Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer's Island. This appears to have been shot from the Mark Twain.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Souvenir Friday- Disneyland Print Shop Golden Horseshoe Poster

For many years on Main Street there was a print shop that sold posters and Disneyland news that could be personalized for guests. The print shop used an old moveable type printing press to print names for the headlines on Disneyland News and also on souvenir posters. This is for the Golden Horseshoe Review allowing the guest to be a part of the show! The reverse of the poster shows the other three posters available at this time. There have been some recent posts showing the employees working in the shop. Note I have whited out the name that was printed on the poster.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frankenstein's Photo Gallery at Movieland Wax Museum

One of the highlights of the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California was Frankenstein's Photo Gallery. Visitors could pose with the lovable large monster created by Dr. Frankenstein. The wax figure was a great likeness of Boris Karloff in his famous role. The first image is a black and white shot of two kids hanging out with Frankenstein's monster. Frankie looks so happy in this shot.

The second image is a nice color image and an older visitor. She really loves Frankie or is she choking him? Luckily for us, Frankie was undead and could not die due to choking. I wonder where this wax figure ended up during the auction of items from this tourist attraction?