Friday, October 31, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Nightmare Before Christmas

Back in 1993, I had been collecting Disney items pretty seriously for 5 years and was also a fan of Tim Burton and his films. I was beyond excited about his new film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. A fan of stop motion animation, Halloween, and Christmas, the movie was right up my alley. Hasbro made a nice collection of items and I purchased several of the large character toys. The three I own and are still mint in box are Jack, Sally and Santa. I never did find the large Oogie for sale.

Although I did not purchase the small figures when originally released, I have found about half of the characters on their cards.

The back of the card lists all ten figures that were sold. I am missing Behemoth, Lock, Shock and Barrel, The Mayor, Santa and Oogie Boogie. I do have an extra Jack as Santa.

The Disney store sold some fun items including two straws with Jack and Sally as well as a bendable Jack.

Of course this is only part of the collection I own. The film has continued to charm audiences of all generations. In fact, one of my nieces loves Nightmare and also the collection. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Potpouri

A little collection of images and a drawing with a Halloween theme. The first image is a pencil sketch on onionskin paper. It looks almost like Jack Davis, but is unsigned. I do like the classic Universal monsters and the Little Orphan Annie red riding hood with blank eyes creeps me out.

The second picture may not be Halloween, but it is still Halloweenish. I love the paper mache head and also the scared look of the kid being held.

Final image is of this couple on roller skates. The boyfriend makes a very cute woman. But my eyes go to the wonderful cat decoration on the wall.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Randy the Skeleton in the Halloween Parade 1954

Three images of our friend Randy dressed as a skeleton in the school Halloween Parade in 1954. First up is an action shot of Randy walking in the parade. Randy is followed by several of his classmates in some great costumes.

The second image is of Randy walking by himself.

Final image shows the class being grouped and getting ready for the parade. The jack-o'-lantern sign for the class room is great.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Parade 1954 With Randy the Skeleton

Two more images from the Halloween Parade in 1954. First up is another shot of the first grade in line for the parade. Some very fun costumes, I especially like the little devil.

Next up is Randy dressed as a little skeleton standing next to a cute rabbit (or maybe chipmunk?) We will see more images of Randy tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Parade 1954

For this week before Halloween on Friday, I will be posting a nice collection of Halloween parade photographs and then some more Halloween items. First up are a couple group shots of the beginning of the Halloween parade as each grade lined up. First image is marked for Corine and Randy and dated 1954. I like the sleepy tooth fairy. Based upon the other photographs in the group, this is the first grade for the school.

Next up is another shot of the group. I like the lollipop kid in the front.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Fun Halloween Items

Although not each of the items is specific to Halloween, they are representations of creatures found for Halloween such as ghosts, cats and devils. First up are two different sets of Casper the Friendly Ghost card games. The Harvey comic character was every kid's favorite ghost and even a live action feature film. The graphics are very bold.

Next item is a great Bakelite cat toy. In the 1930's Bakelite was an early plastic that was used for many products, crib toys being a major use. The cat is in a great cubist design.

The final two items are nice ceramic statues. The first is another Harvey Cartoon character Hot Stuff. He is a home cast statue and missing his trademark pitchfork. Next to him is a small ghost ceramic most likely from the 1940s. He has a nice wispy pose. All of these characters live in my Halloween room.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mickey's Birthdayland Walt Disney World 1990

In 1990 I visited Florida and Walt Disney World for the first time. Growing up in California, the attractions in Florida were not a huge draw. By 1990, there were enough attractions to draw me to Florida including the new Disney-MGM studios and EPCOT Center. In the Magic Kingdom a small land was created in 1988 to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 60th birthday, a land called Mickey's Birthdayland. This land closed in 1990 and changing to Mickey's Fun Fair and then to Mickey's Toontown. The land was a fun place to visit. The first two images are from Mickey's house. The desk is fantastic for a collector of Disneyana with the rare Walt Disney World globe, nice Pluto comics and ceramics on display.

The bedroom is not as filled with items, but is still entertaining. My favorite is the Mousechusetts pennant.

The next two images show Duckburg which is the city where Mickey's Birthdayland was located. First up is D. Duck's Candy store. I have always been more of a duck fan than a mouse fan.

The last image is the statue of Cornelius Coot the founder of Duckburg, with the Duck County Courthouse in the background.